Do you know an older adult who lives alone or might enjoy a chance to engage in a meaningful, creative project? Tele-Stories invites elders into creative and engaging conversations from the comfort of their own homes.

Through a series of calls, a Certified TimeSlips Facilitator guides the participant through various creative activities, from storytelling to poetry.

The calls build toward the creation of original, imaginative stories or poems

The caller's creative output will be turned into a "Legacy Gift," which will feature the elder's voice telling their story or poem in a shareable audio clip.

The timing and focus of these activities are individually tailored to each caller.

Prior to the 3 weekly calls, we provide a brief questionnaire to help our facilitators get to know the caller better. Each call is unique; they are completely customized to the caller. No previous creative/artistic experience is required to participate. 

Each call is inspired by Beautiful Questions to prompt creativity in a way that is comfortable for all. Each sequential call builds off of the information gathered from the previous session and works toward shaping a story or poem. After the last call, one of our talented TimeSlips Artists will transform the material created by the caller into a shareable Legacy Gift. 

Testimonials from Tele-Stories Participants: 

"The calls were extraordinary. Unique, challenging thing in my life. The challenge was fun, and an honor. The facilitator brought me out. We have to do it again! Cheery, joyful and a lot of fun."

"I’m a senior all alone and lack human companionship. We talked about something I could contribute to."


$199 for a 3-Call Cluster and Legacy Gift 


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