Student Training Experience

Learn to engage elders through creative engagement! 

TimeSlips offers discounted training for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. 

Sign up as an individual student for $29. 

Join teachers across the country in embedding TimeSlips’ online training into your course as service learning.

Students take our engaging online training, stopping and starting at their convenience (est. 2.5 hours)

Students can print worksheets from our online Creativity Center, with hundreds of downloadable prompts to inspire meaningful engagement with elders.

We recommend arranging an orientation visit to an elder care site for students, then 8-10 weeks of storytelling sessions followed by a closing celebration.

Research shows that TimeSlips significantly improves student attitudes towards and awareness of aging and dementia.

Our inspiring international network can connect students to meaningful work in the field of aging.

From high school to med school, students find TimeSlips Service Learning an enormously rewarding and positive experience.

What is TimeSlips?

Shifting from memory to imagination opens relationships
and invites play and connection

What is Meaningful Engagement

Students learn to ask Beautiful Questions and invite someone to imagine, using words, sounds, movements and images. This shift from the expectation of memory to the freedom of imagination opens communication and invites emotional communication.

Helpful products

Designed to support student service learning

Individual Student Training

Designed to be playful and support students in positive and creative experiences with elders through service learning or internships.

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Creative Campus

Open access to our training system for unlimited students on a high school, college, or university campus, and one certification for a staff or instructor.

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Creativity Journal

Distributed by Attainment Company, this beautifully designed journal features 10 prompts that can be used multiple times to inspire stories.

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I’ve done the training as a Student - should I get “certified?”

That’s up to you! Training simply means you completed the online training. Certification assures you that you have successfully transitioned from training to practice. Why Certify? Certification:

  • Verifies that you are following the core principles of the method.
  • Provides access to Master Trainers and professional development
  • Provides access to our inspiring international network of Certified Facilitators
  • Provides access to additional support / promotional materials
  • If you took the training as a student and didn't purchase certification at that time, please contact us and we'll send you the information to move ahead.

    Do I have to take the Online Training to use the Creativity Center?

    As part of our mission to make creative engagement available to all, our Creativity Center is free to use without training. We think the training will be enormously helpful - but it’s not required.

    This is fun. Who was this designed for? And who can use it?

    It IS fun isn’t it? TimeSlips was originally designed for people with cognitive disabilities like dementia. Creative engagement is an ideal way for people with cognitive challenges to communicate. Our main audiences are families, care providers and elders experiencing isolation, whether from disabilities or social situations. But it’s fun for everyone and effective for community building of all kinds.

    I can't hear the sound in the Online Training.

    Be sure your computer isn't on MUTE. Turn up the volume on the computer and in the module sound icon.

    What People are Saying

    Every time I walk out of a session, I walk out with a smile. I've learned so much about people with dementia throughout this process. I learned that creativity does not waiver throughout their illness.

    - Kristina Brenner, student trainee, Certified Facilitator, Galloway, NJ

    My experience with TimeSlips has been nothing but fun and exciting. Each week I look forward to seeing the residents and helping them be as creative as they want to be. I love how open this program is and how it doesn't limit the leaders or residents with the storytelling. I think the residents really enjoy TimeSlips because it removes the pressure to be correct that other activities may have on them. We always have a good laugh while telling stories and it allows us all to get to know each other well.

    - Micaela Flores, Sophomore, Communications Major, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

    I absolutely loved TimeSlips! I hope to stay connected in the future and continue with it even when it is not required. I developed some wonderful relationships with people with dementia.

    - Rebecca Willer, Student Trainee, UWM, Milwaukee, WI

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