Volunteer opportunities


Do you work for a care community that would be interested in receiving postcards?
Please email info@timeslips.org with the subject line "Postcards - A Little Creative Care".


If you are interested in writing postcards, THANK YOU! The demand is high!

Please fill out the form below so we know which sites still need to recieve cards.
Consider inviting your company, school or group of friends to participate in a postcard writing challenge.

Please remember to include your social media information so we can thank you on our Facebook Page: TimeSlips Creative Storytelling. Here you'll also be able to see pictures of other people's cards and other inspirations.  The Beautiful Questions, children's drawings, and notes of encouragement to staff and elders have touched many hearts. Your contribution matters!

Feel free to include your return address if you'd like to create penpal exchange. 

For guidance on what to write, or to see the full list of homes, visit our Postcards: A little Creative Care page.