Tools to engage loved ones

When elders become isolated or frail,
it can be hard for family and friends to meaningfully engage.

TimeSlips brings you the resources to invite your loved one
to explore your imaginations together.

Our Creativity Center has 100s of ideas for ways to meaningfully engage, and free tools to support you, including a “invite a friend” button that lets far away family and friends create along with you.

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We offer beautifully designed products to support you in meaningfully engaging friends and loved ones.

We are currently developing "Engagement Parties," informal gatherings of friends to learn creative engagement techniques. Keep an eye on the site for locations/dates as this program begins to spread across the country!

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What is Meaningful Engagement?

We created this short animation to explain a bit about the TimeSlips approach. Do you know someone who is isolated or perhaps wrestling with dementia? You want to engage but don't know how?

Let us help. Ask a Beautiful Question and invite someone to imagine, using words, sounds, movements and images. Shift away from the expectation of memory - toward the freedom that imagination can bring.


We worked with caregivers to design products
to foster meaningful connection

Creativity Journal

Distributed by Attainment Company, this beautifully designed journal features 10 prompts that can be used multiple times to inspire stories.

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Coming Soon! A TimeSlips Certified Facilitator offers three 30-minute creative engagement sessions by phone, resulting in a digital piece of art (audio or visual).

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What are people saying about TimeSlips?

Oh my goodness - the JOY and DELIGHT of the whole shared creative process is so uplifting - who can stop smiling? It affects everyone and ripples out.  

- Victoria Orlando, Certified Facilitator, Bridgewater, NJ

One of the participants proudly stated ‘I can’t remember, but here I can imagine’, which I found an incredibly moving testament to the power of this programme.

- Laura Menzies, Certified Facilitator, Falmouth, England

So many people with dementia are told that they need to try to remember certain things or that it is negative that they are changing cognitively. I think this approach is so wonderful because it throws the dementia stigma out of the window and makes a person with dementia just a person again.

- Lisa-Marie Serrone, Certified Facilitator, Bronx, NY

Some of our most frequently asked questions...

Do I have to take the Online Training to use the Creativity Center?+-

As part of our mission to make creative engagement available to all, our Creativity Center is free to use without training. We think the training will be enormously helpful - but it’s not required.

Is there evidence that this works?+-

There is some nice, solid research out there now telling us that yes, this kind of creative engagement has significant impact on the lives of people with dementia. See our impact page for more details.

This is fun. Who was this designed for? And who can use it?+-

It IS fun isn’t it? TimeSlips was originally designed for people with cognitive disabilities like dementia. Creative engagement is an ideal way for people with cognitive challenges to communicate. Our main audiences are families, care providers and elders experiencing isolation, whether from disabilities or social situations. But it’s fun for everyone and effective for community building of all kinds.

I’ve done the training as a Student - should I get “certified?”+-

That’s up to you! Training simply means you completed the online training. Certification assures you that you have successfully transitioned from training to practice. Why Certify? Certification:

  • Verifies that you are following the core principles of the method.
  • Provides access to Master Trainers and professional development
  • Provides access to our inspiring international network of Certified Facilitators
  • Provides access to additional support / promotional materials
  • If you took the training as a student and didn't purchase certification at that time, please contact us and we'll send you the information to move ahead.


    Questions? Drop us a line.