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Creativity Center

Let your imagination soar!

Every human being has the capacity to be creative.
Invite someone to explore the imagination with you and feel the power of creative engagement.

Have a Gentle Conversation

Images and questions to inspire a brief poetic exchange. 


Ask a Beautiful Question

Inspire someone to think a little differently - with no right or wrong answers.


Do a Mini-Project

You can do these - no kidding. Even if you swear you are not creative.


Explore the World

Coming soon! We are gathering creative prompts from museums and artists around the world.


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Creative engagement products designed just for you.

Creativity Journal

Distributed by Attainment Company, this beautifully designed journal features 10 prompts that can be used multiple times to inspire stories.

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Keynote / Speaking Engagements

We do large scale (state, national, global) conference keynotes with our award winning Founder and Master Trainers. Topics include: Art is Relationships (the power of co-creation); Enchanting Aging (inspiring awe and meaning in late life); What if? Infusing Creativity into Your Organization. Please contact us to tailor a presentation to your group.

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Coming Soon! A TimeSlips Certified Facilitator offers three 30-minute creative engagement sessions by phone, resulting in a digital piece of art (audio or visual).

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Blog Posts

Ready, Set, Launch!

Goodness, this massive web platform overhaul was a mammoth undertaking for our tiny TimeSlips team. It’s been a parade of meetings with web developers, designers, branding experts, illustrators, animators, stakeholders, instructional designers, filmmakers and evaluation consultants. But after 14 months, we are thrilled to be bring out our new look, feel and functionality.

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Spark Imagination

Helpful grant templates for you to bring
TimeSlips to your community