We improve quality of life by changing attitudes and building connections through meaningful engagement.

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TimeSlips aims to bring meaningful engagement to 1,000,000 elders by 2025. Grow with us!

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Beyond The Numbers

We bring people into meaningful relationship and
inspire creativity to open expression and joy among elders.

Attitudes toward aging and dementia improve.

Job satisfaction improves.

Communication improves.

Mood improves.

Family and volunteer engagement improves.

Quality of Life improves.


Explore reports and research studies on the
impact of creative engagement.

TimeSlips Fosters Play and Joy

"Close readings of the transcripts and notes from the programs resulted in three observations: people learned to play again, there is power in playing together, and play often led to expressions of joy. Overall, the notion of play may be a helpful framework for future research into innovative arts-based approaches to dementia care."

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TimeSlips Improves Communication in Mid-late Stages

"Positive communication changes in addition to maintained or improved quality of life were observed. Implementing a creative expression program such as TS for those in the middle to late stages of dementia improves social connectedness and communicative interactions."

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TimeSlips Improves Quality of Life in Mild and Moderate Dementia

"Overall, our longitudinal evaluation of TimeSlips using validated observational instruments found that participation in the program confers greater relative benefits on QOL and patient–caregiver interactions for participants with mild to moderate dementia."

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Our trainees explain the joy of creative engagement.

The biggest high point for me is, I have one resident that doesn't come out of her room much, so I do a room visit with her and when I visit she will ask me if I brought a story picture. Storytelling has helped bring her out of her shell, and it's something that she enjoys.

- Joyce W.; Activity Director, Ladysmith Care & Rehabilitation, Ladysmith, WI

Oh my goodness - the JOY and DELIGHT of the whole shared creative process is so uplifting - who can stop smiling? It affects everyone and ripples out.  

- Victoria Orlando, Certified Facilitator, Bridgewater, NJ

One of the participants proudly stated ‘I can’t remember, but here I can imagine’, which I found an incredibly moving testament to the power of this programme.

- Laura Menzies, Certified Facilitator, Falmouth, England

Having a master trainer to work directly with has been a real gift.

- Holly Osborne, Certified Facilitator, Fairview Park, OH
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