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I Won't Grow Up - Kentucky Found Neverland This Spring

Read on to gain multiple perspectives on how Wendy’s Neverland came to life.

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Meet TimeSlips Certified Facilitator: Helena Ben Yona

Helena is the first TimeSlips Certified Facilitator located in Israel! She was born in England, and moved to Israel in 1979. Her studies included Music and Occupational Therapy, and she’s been working with the geriatric population for over 15 years.

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Arizona & Wisconsin to Launch Creative Communities of Care

TimeSlips is training 28 new Creative Communities of Care in Arizona and Wisconsin. 

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Check Out 5 of Our Favorite Website Features

Explore some of the exciting new features on our website!

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TimeSlips StoryKit Project Underway

With support from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, TimeSlips is partnering with Lafayette American and Midwest Common to design a new storykit. The human-centered design process began in January in collaboration with the Greater Michigan Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

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Welcome Kari Hanson as NextGen Coordinator

Kari Hanson joins the TimeSlips team as coordinator of a new partnership with Leading Age to bring TimeSlips to high school and college students.

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Helpful Products

Help spread the word about creative care

Keynote Karaoke

Four dancers interpret choreography and stories created by elders from 50 nursing homes across Wisconsin. Audiences learn the choreographic method and create their own dance as part of this dynamic, playful and inspiring 60-90 minute session. Please contact us for Keynote Karaoke details.

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Keynote / Speaking Engagements

We do large scale (state, national, global) conference keynotes with our award winning Founder and Master Trainers. Topics include: Art is Relationships (the power of co-creation); Enchanting Aging (inspiring awe and meaning in late life); What if? Infusing Creativity into Your Organization. Please contact us to tailor a presentation to your group.

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Creativity Journal

Distributed by Attainment Company, this beautifully designed journal features 10 prompts that can be used multiple times to inspire stories.

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