Care Homes as Cultural Centers - What Does that Mean?


The I Won't Grow Up Project is a collaboration between TimeSlips and Signature Health Care to transform 12 rural nursing homes into cultural centers. What does that mean exactly? A cultural center is a place that promotes the creation and expression of culture and the arts. It is a place where communities come together and bond in the process of articulating the world as they imagine it. It is a place of value and meaning. It isn't easy. But it is, most often, a place of celebration of human skills, dreams, and visions. Could we really do that in a nursing home? 

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Not Lost


Do you ever feel like you've lost a loved one with dementia?  I sure did.  But I learned that it doesn't have to be that way.   

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Ready, Set, Launch!


Goodness, this massive web platform overhaul was a mammoth undertaking for our tiny TimeSlips team. It’s been a parade of meetings with web developers, designers, branding experts, illustrators, animators, stakeholders, instructional designers, filmmakers and evaluation consultants. But after 14 months, we are thrilled to be bring out our new look, feel and functionality.

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